Can I change my plan?

Of course! inside your account you can choose the plan you want.
If you select BASIC or STADARD plans, you must select an instrument. If you have an active subscription, the new instrument will be available when your current period expires. If you want access to all instruments you just select the PREMIUM package. Then you get full access to all instruments immediately.

It is also possible to change your card details if you need this. This is also inside your account.

Supported browsers

ONLINEMUSICTUTORIALS uses the newest functions and design. We do not support older browsers. Below is a list with supported browsers

- Firefox version 46 and up
- Safari version 9 and up
- Microsoft Edge (The successor to Internet Explorer) version 24 and up
- Google Chrome version 55

Your browser must have cookies and Javascript enabled to use the site.

Internet Explorer users
Internet Explorer is not fully supported anymore. If you use a Windows PC with version 7 or 8, you can't install Microsoft Edge, which require version 10 or higher. You should then download Google Chrome or Firefox to get the most out of ONLINEMUSICTUTORIALS. These browsers is way faster and better, and your overall online experience will be way better.

What plan should I choose?

There are 3 plans to choose from.

Gives you full access to one instrument. The BASIC plan is perfect for you who use the lessons and songs directly from the page, since this plan offers no free prints. (Prints can be purchased if you wish). Likewise, you can only be logged in from one device at a time. So if you want to use eg. iPad and laptop at the same time, you should upgrade to a larger plan.

Offers the same content as the BASIC plan, however, you get 5 free prints every month (additional prints can be purchased if you wish), and you can use two devices simultaneously (eg. iPad and laptop).

Provides access to ALL instruments on the page. This plan is perfect if you play several instruments. You get 10 free prints every month (additional prints can be purchased if you wish), and you can log in from four devices simultaneously.

Where do I cancel my subscription?

Inside your account, you can always cancel your subscription. No strings attached! When you cancel you still have full access until your current period ends.

Where do I register?

Choose the package you want from our main page. Then enter your name, e-mail, password and instrument (if you only want one instrument). You will then be sent to the secure payment page where you can enter your card details. Your profile is activated immediately. You get a free trial period of 7 days, and you will not be charged before your trial ends

Once registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.