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16th subdivisions - single tones: Learn to play 16th subdivitions on a single tone. No chords yet. In this example we will play some tones and dampen others. This super cool funk riff use 3 notes in the pentatonic scale. The rhythm is syncopated. Keep your strumming hand moving down and up in 16th notes, even if you do not hit the strings. Syncopated rythms: This example include a D9 chord. Keep your strumming hand moving at all time. Keep the funky rhythm going, with a relaxed hand! Remember to dampen the strings you do not play, by gently toughing them with your fretting hand. Syncopated rythms on a divided chord: We divide a Bb7 chord and utilize only the most important tones in the chord on two strings. The Internal we will play is a tritone, which is III og VIIb in the Bb major scale. Husk at bevæge din højre hånd i sekstendedele hele tiden, men kun ramme strengene nogle af op og nedslagene. Play the breaks: Learn to play the breaks. It is an important part of the music being able to "play the silent notes". If you play constantly the music can sound stressed. By contrast, it may seem nice and interesting when playing a few simple things. The Jimmy Hendrix chord E7(#9): This chord is indispensable when we play funk. Use the tones in the E minor pentatonic scale (E, G, A, Bb, B, D)to improvise. The E7(#9) chord is played on the 1 count. to start with, then improvise in the blues scale for the rest of the bar. You can also play the chord everytime you play an E (The root note). Dominant 7 slide: Learn to slide up to the dominant 7 chord.
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